Cookies are small text files placed on your device. NumBuster and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to personalize the user experience, measure user engagement and manage advertisements.

The Guidelines describe our reasons and rules we follow while implementing these technologies. Also, here you can find the user's options to disable the cookies. You are welcome to disable the use of cookies in the Settings section on your device anytime you are not satisfied with their using.

In case you disable the using of cookies, some NumBuster options may work improperly since your device stops saving data about settings, activities and logins executed on your device.

Besides cookies, NumBuster and its partners might collect information from the server logs or using other technologies. For example, NumBuster collects data about the type of your device, the type of operating system installed, the type of browser, the default language, the location, and your device's IP address. We use this data to improve usability and provide you with a better service.

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