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NumBuster! is an unparalleled mobile app that fights with phone spam and frauds. Rate, comment and block callers.
One of the app’s main features is that anyone can contribute to the quality of the service. NumBuster! will help you tell an unwanted call or message from something important and interesting. The app’s interface is very simple and user-friendly. NumBuster! has a learning algorithm based on likes and dislikes made by users.
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NumBuster! will show you the name and picture of the caller even if they’re not in your contact list.
You’ll see this information right on your incoming call screen.
NumBuster knows everything about individual callers, as well as about tens of thousands of organizations.
Who’s calling, your dentist or a jehovah's witness? Now you know!
NumBuster! informs you and allows you to write comments, rate callers and block them.
We’re creating a network of mobile phone users, a collective mind.
NumBuster! has its own list of missed calls, so that you always know who’s called you.
Now there’s no need to call every number on your missed calls list to know who it was.
NumBuster! works for messages as well! We have our own in-built messenger for that.
Our purpose is to give you maximum protection during your phone communication.
NumBuster! allows you to create your own profile and choose how other users see you.
You can also read comments on your own profile and see your rating.

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